Carlina Rivera
Democrat for New York City Council District 2

Vote Tuesday September 12th

Vote Tuesday September 12th

Vote Tuesday September 12th

Vote Tuesday September 12th

"Our neighborhoods need lifelong activists and experienced advocates standing up for issues that matter, and the only choice who measures up is Carlina Rivera. Carlina has the passion to be a true champion for working families, along with a record of achievement as a Legislative Director to Councilmember Mendez. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for City Council."

"Carlina has a lifetime of block-by-block knowledge of our neighborhoods... and a deep commitment to a progressive agenda, at a time when we need it most to combat Donald Trump. Whether it’s fighting for tenants, public schools, seniors, women or the LGBT community, Carlina will be a force for us in City Hall."

"Carlina Rivera is a long-time dedicated member of our community and would make an excellent Council Member. Carlina is passionate and has years of experience standing up for tenants, small business owners and public school children. Our community would benefit greatly from having her fighting to advance the rights of all people."

Carlina stands with us to preserve affordable housing at low-, moderate- and middle-income levels

Carlina coordinated disaster relief efforts for our neighbors affected by Superstorm Sandy and the 2nd Ave Explosion

Carlina advocates alongside our seniors for Aging-in-Place programming

Carlina has worked in underserved schools and will work with parents to bring education equity and diversity to the district

Carlina has the back of our mom-and-pop businesses and will support the next generation of local entrepreneurs

Carlina has assisted with legislation to address after-hours construction and noise

Carlina knows the district block by block and understands our neighbors’ quality of life concerns